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    Repeating Tables, and Grey Sections

    sarahcicayda Level 1

      U gave Adobe Livecycle Designer ES4.

      I am making a new form, and I am attempting to make an expandable table for our metrics. I added in the form but when I try to go to the binding tab it wont let me select the "Repeat Table" box. Is there a setting that I am missing?


      My second question is, is there a way to "grey out" a section of a form? We are looking for a way to cover up a section of a form, where the user can select or deselect to see what is underneath that section. My other thought is if that was not possible, is there a way to make an invisible subform with a button to make it visible and invisible?

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          kvdvijaykumar Level 2

          Hi Sara,


          1) The first problem is because you did not set the Page content direction to "Flowed". Once the Page's Content property is set is flowed, your problem should be resolved.

          2) You can always make a section visible or hidden by scripting. Use code :

                         subform.presence = "visible";


                         subform.presence = "hidden";