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    Arabic character period in the wrong spot?

    zeitgeistnola Level 1

      Well this is an annoying problem.  I'm working with a bunch of Arabic text copied from a Word doc and pasted into InDesign CC.  And while the text is flowing in the right direction, the periods insist on winding up on the right margin at the end of the text instead of after the last character in the sentence, at the end of the line to the left.


      I've set the character to Adobe Arabic Regular, the text to right justify, the Language under Character to Arabic, and the Paragraphs to Adobe World-Ready Paragraph Composer.


      In Googling for solutions, I see instructions to Select the paragraph direction from the Paragraph panel (not an option in my Paragraph panel), choose Character Direction from the Character panel (also not an option), From the Story panel (Window > Type & Tables > Story), click a story direction (not available).  I've also tried adding spacing and hard returns before and after the period character, changing that character to another font and re-placing it, switching to single line vs. paragraph world-ready... nothing is working.


      What am I doing wrong/how do I get the periods once and for all in the right spot?