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    InDesign- scale of the workspace is smaller, cannot adjust

    Scale of the work space Level 1


      I am using Window 8 and a student version of adobe InDesign as well as other adobe series.

      However only in ADOBE INDESIGN I have a problem of having a small workspace- as you can see in the image.

      It is not adjustable. I tried all the other method I could find on online but nothing worked- changing the scale and dragging the corner, ect..

      I uninstalled the software then downloaded again but am having the same issue.


      Even if I tried to work in this tiny screen, my mouse cursor gets weirdly larger and all the contents such as image and text become broken/stopped working and ended up having a trouble error..

      I wish I could just download cs 6 instead because it seemed like the older version had no problem at all.

      I am a design school student so I need this problem to be solved ASAP!


      Please Help!!


      Thank you!