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    How good is new iMac with Retina 5K for after effects and other adobes


      I'm about to purchase an iMac retina 5k, I would like to know your technical reviews or if you have any motiongraphic experience with this product.

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          JFPhoton Level 3

          .....BEFORE purchasing, you may want to read MORE on this forum and also visit the PPBM7 website to review performance results for different machines using PPro on the benchmark test.

          Although After Effects does not use the GPU except for "ray-tracing", ( which is being replaced anyway), PPro DOES rely on the GPU HEAVILY for accelerating effects, scaling, transitions, and other things. Currently, ONLY NVidia GPUs provide the necessary CUDA architecture to provide this acceleration well....Open CL from  AMD GPUs is WAY BEHIND in performance !! I'm not familiar with  the specs of the iMac, however, given recent issues with compatibility between PPro and the Mac OS and the inferior performance of Apple products with PPro, compared to Windows machines....you may want to study more before making a final decision. I am reading that newer, more DIFFICULT TO EDIT codecs are coming. The new standard 4K codec will be HEVC, and although it is achieving its goal of reaching FAR lower bitrates, without sacrificing quality ( this aids in lowering the bandwidth needed for streaming), it is even MORE compressed and HARDER to process than the current H.264 and AVC codecs.

          ....I am concerned that the recent performance gains made with the advent of new versions of PPro and hardware like the Haswell E CPU may be NEGATED by this newer, more difficult codec... making editing once again tough on the average user unless he has a supercomputer. Your DISPLAY of course would be great......but what about the REST of the machine and its HIGH price vs. a Windows rig ?

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            hbernhard Level 1

            As the Apple specifics are not addressed till now I would like to share the following info with you:

            • Benchmarks with iMac 5k are still quite rare, there is one in slash cam.de (unfortunately in German only)
              Test : iMac 5K Retina und 4K Video: Resolve (4K), FCPX (4K), After Effects, u.a.: Einleitung
            • AE performance is limited to 4 CPU's (8 cores) and 32 GB main storage, in my case (iMac late 2012, 32 GB, 2GB GPU, 24TB Raid6 storage, 3rd party plugins mainly from Redgiantsoftware) it's quite convenient, but for long renders MacPro is the way to go (i.e. if you get money for your work )
            • If you don't use too much GPU consuming compositing apps (e.g. Davinci Resolve) semiprofessional 4K videos should be fine too, the above mentioned slash cam test will look into Premiere Pro CC with the 4 GB GPU of the iMac 5k within the next weeks
            • Independent from your HW decision don't forget to order a performant Raid6 disk subsystem and establish an efficient backup/restore strategy