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    Third time trying to update my Flash Player?

    haley nininger

      I have a MacBook Pro that runs on Mavericks software and uses Adobe Flashplayer.


      I originally received a message saying that my Adobe Flashplayer was out of date.  In response, I attempted to download the newest version which downloaded about 30% of the way and would not go any farther.  After multiple attempts, I took my computer to a tech support shop by my house, just to find out that it was not my computer, it was Adobe's newest version of the flash player that is apparently "broken".  The professionals at the tech support shop gave me a link to override the new flash player and install an earlier version, allowing me to view videos again.  However, the same problem reoccurred and I took my computer to the same store in hopes of finding a permanent solution.  Today, I received the error once again, attempted to install the new update, and was unsuccessful yet again. This is my THIRD time encountering the error message.  I have tried to contact Adobe tech support multiple times and am disappointed that it's nearly impossible to speak with someone about my issue.  Any further guidance is appreciated, for I am tired of exhausting my bank account trying to solve the problem on my own.


      Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.