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    how to resize the embeded player in a page after it has loaded?

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      Hi all
      I'm working with Flash 8, with the FLV player component. The player loads various flash videos (flv)
      that can have verious sizes.
      I have set the autosize detection for the player. But I want the size of the embeded player to also
      change according to the size of the loaded flv.
      For example, if the loaded flv is 100px by 100px, I want the embeded player to be 100px by 100px (in
      the html code). if the flv is 500px by 350px, i want the embeded flav to change to that 500 x 350px.

      As far as I know, the sizes of the flv file cannot be detected with PHP or javascript, so only the
      component can detect the flv size. Therefore I would need a way to re-write the embeded code after
      the flv has loaded.

      Anybody knows how to do that? Is it possible?

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