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    Best/Easiest Practice for Distribution of Webhelp files for Fat(ish) Client Application

    ktbFL Level 1

      So another in my long line of questions in trying to change the implementation of the help systems at my new employer.


      So, the pressure is to convince the existing guard to toss out the old method and go with a new method... One of the issues has come up for CSH Webhelp (via RH10)...


      Apparently, in the old method (where every help topic was it's own CHM - no, I'm not kidding).  They kept it that way so that any time a help file was updated, they could just send out that one chm to update that one topic.


      Now they are worried that if we switch to webhelp using topics in one single big project that we can't just send out a single updated file any more...


      So I'm trying to get ammunition as to how updates to the help can be distributed without it being a big hassle...


      We do have small updates that go out about every week, and they are afraid that going to the webhelp (1 project with lots of topics) method will require more time and effort for the techs because they will have to complete the update of a huge help system every time.


      One solution we have suggested is that we only update help files on major releases and add any changes to help procedures in the Release Notes or in a separate PDF and also include a note that the help files "will be updated to reflect this change in the XX/2015 XYZ Release).


      Does ANYONE have any other ideas of how distribution could be done efficiently so that we don't have to continue this "project per topic" fiasco?


      HELP!!! PLEASE!!!!