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    Extensions Load Slow (Mac) After Latest Photoshop Update

    SamLaundon Level 1

      I was wondering if anyone else has experienced the below:

      (On Mac - Mavericks) The latest Photoshop CC 2014 update has slowed down the loading of my two extension (these are extensions I have created in HTML5). Prior to the update they loaded fine. Also, when I uninstalled one of the extensions and then reinstall it I get error code -180 (no documentation on this error code), I click ok and then open Photoshop and the extension loads (but slow) and when I quit Extension Manger and reopen it the extension shows it is loaded.


      No problems with the extension in Windows 7 after the Photoshop update. The extensions load as before the update.


      Any insights on this issue will be appreciated - Sam


      PS - When one of my extension pallets displays a blank window, I click in the pallet and the extension loads. Strange!