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    Conan Of Rottingham

      Say you have different size text formatted across several linked text frames on 1 page or multiple pages.  The customer wants to add 6 photos and have the text wrap around the photos.  Unfortunately after placing 6 photos the text overflows past the last text frame.  Instead of re-formatting every bit different sized text to proportionally match its previous layout, a fit text to frame option would be nice.  I have seen this in another companies software and cannot live without it.  There is a 3rd party script for indesign for fitting text to frame but the script is broken and doesn't work correctly.  In the other companies program you would layout 3 columns of linked text, format it to different size (Heading, Subtitle and Body) and if you had to add 6 photos later on you just click fit text to frame and the overflow text would proportionally resize to keep the Header, Subtitle, and body consistent.  Any suggestions???? Indesign is not impressing me right now.