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    Can not install flash player on Mac


      I was informed by shutter fly that I needed to update flash player. After a couple of hours and several different attempts I was unsuccessful. I have since uninstalled flash player and tried to re-install to no avail. I am running OSX 10.9.5 and safari 7.0.6. When I run the regular install from website I click on the install now tab (step 1 of 3) and then am taken to another page that says initializing with a long blue bar (step 2 of 3). Very briefly am I then presented  with some instructions to go to download folder, etc. I have tried this probably 50 times and can never read the instructions fast enough. It then takes me to a black screen. I have also tried the offline option and it also takes me to a black screen. I have checked my download folder and there is never anything in there related to flash player. Please help!!