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    Update All Links Problem

    mikemurphyco Level 1

      Problem: Links will not stay updated in inDesign. After each time I place images, I get errors in pre-flight and then I must go to links panel and 'Update All Links' and pre-flight goes to green. After the next Place, the errors return. Preflight tells me the files have been modified, but they have not to the best of my knowledge.

      Computer: 2012 MacPro (Mavericks, now Yosemite (same issue with both). Adobe CC updated. I have even uninstalled CC and reinstalled to try and fix. I do not use an external or network drive (for storing project files or links) and do not change folder location after starting a project.

      Workflow: I use inDesign for creating photo books primarily. I am very organized with folders on my system and build all client work in the same place. I use one folder for each client book and I never move the folders. Inside the Client Book Folder, I create one folder called 'Images' (I have also experimented with calling it Links to test). I usually save the indd file in the root client folder outside of the Images folder.

      Place: I primarily use Bridge to Place Images in inDesign (also use Cmd-D inDesign) to place images, same results either way.

      The images have already been retouched, so I rarely leave inDesign to edit. I mainly layout complete books

      Preferences: I have tried every combination in File Handling, Links, etc that I am aware of. I have only been a heavy inDesign user for about 2 years so I am expecting to feel stupid when I fix this problem, but I cannot figure it out on my own. I have no corruption in files or problems exporting, but I must constantly 'Update All Links'.


      Any suggestions?




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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          I have never personally seen this happen, but it only takes one placed object to have changed for the InDesign preflight to indicate that the links are out of date. If you keep any of the asset open in another program, even if you aren't changing them, perhaps that is triggering this behavior.


          Another possibility would be some type of continuous backup process that is marking the file attributes in some way that make InDesign see the file as modified. InDesign does not actually go “inside” the linked assets to see if they are different, but rather looks at modification dates of the linked files. And ironically, even if  a file is not actually changed, if it is opened for read/write in another program or possibly if  its backup metadata is changed, the file's modification date may reflect this. Just a thought to check out.


                    - Dov

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            mikemurphyco Level 1

            Thank you Dov. That makes perfect sense. I have both Time Machine & CrashPlan Pro making continuous backups on my machine and likely the cause of modified links. I appreciate the quick response.



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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              There was a release of Suitcase about a year ago that did this, too.

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                Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                I absolutely LOVE to hear that someone actually backs up their data!


                You have no idea how many posts we get here where someone is asking how to retrieve data from a disk that they “mistakenly” low level reformatted and for which they never did any backups.


                          - Dov

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                  mikemurphyco Level 1

                  If only inDesign Links Panel loved my backup strategy!


                  Thanks for the help. When I return to the studio tomorrow I will attempt to test the theory by turning off CrashPlan while creating a book and see what happens. I will post my findings.