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    Flash will ABSOLUTELY not install!

    HJMann42 Level 1

      Got another message from Adobe to download and install a new Flash app. OK, I downloaded it, no problem.

      Tried to install it, got an ERROR message. Tried again and again...NO. Installs to about 79% then ERROR message. Checked every question pertaining to this

      on the Flash Forum. Now one answer that solved the problem. Favorite Staff answer:

      "Please try the offline/standalone installer posted at the bottom of this page, Installation problems | Flash Player | Mac."

      Same result. That does not work.

      Checked Safari's preferences. Still will not install. This has happened time after time for months. I get the message about update from Adobe, try to install it. Error every time.

      Mac Pro

      OS 10.9.5

      Safari 7.1

      Flash (According to Adobe this is an old version. New version is 15.0.0.)

      Not running any anti-virus software.


      I wish Adobe support would/could solve this problem.