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    Problem with Submit via Email Button


      When I open the PDF on my desktop and click the submit button it gives me the option of internet or desktop email program.  Both of those work fine.  But when I load the pdf onto my website, open the form from there and try to submit it neither option works.


      1.  When I click the Desktop Email Application - nothing at all happens.  (we use groupwise)

      2. When I click the internet email button it asks me to name the file but then when i try to save it i get this error: Acrobat Could not open the file XXXXXXXXX  Detailed Error: A file error has occured.


      Here is a link to the form: http://csa.niu.edu/extprograms/_pdf/arts/CSA%20Live%20Reg%20v3.pdf


      PS - Also it does not work in chrome or firefox which is annoying you have to use IE.  If you have thoughts about how to fix that I would appreciate it!  I tried lowering the adobe version from 9 to 8 which did nothing and when i lowered it to 7 it displayed but nothing worked in the form.


      Any help would be awesome! 


      Thank You!