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    identical folders being created when I sync a folder

    ninjapimp Level 1

      This is strange error so bear with me as i try to explain it. This started when I upgraded to OS X 10.10 on my iMac 2013 with lightroom 5.6


      All my pictures are stored on an external thunderbolt drive, a "Lacie" thats the drive name label thus in lightroom this is the Name as it appears in my folder Pane.


      I use a third party app to import to copy my images from my camera to the computer. i then use lightroom to simply Sync a folder to import them into lightroom. i've been doing it like this for years, never had an issue.

      Until today. note: I reverted to a previous backup catalog but same problem.

      When I sync it will create an identical "Lacie" folder and sync files to this new location.

      the expected result is if I sync a folder named '2014' that it simply sync files to this location instead it creates a new "Lacie" and puts the images there.


      When I go to my original LAcie, it says they are 0 files int but when i show in finder all images are there??


      why does lightroom create a new location? why is it identical name? and how do I remove it? i see no way to remove them.


      I'm willing to start over again I guess but I'm unable to remove the older "lace" location hence in my Folders pane i have multiple "lace' and i see no way to remove them.

      and if i start over again this might happen again so i'd like to know how to prevent this?


      The external drive has not been removed, its always powered and connected.

      i am unable to sync folders to my original 'lace' folder. when i sync on my original folder its detecting everything like it was never synced. if i say ok to this it puts it all into the new 'lace' folder, when clearly it should be syncing to the original 'lace' folder location.


      any ideas whats going on here?