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    Scroll Pane navigation

      I have a project that is a sequence of slides and audio. I've got the standard forward, back, stop, start buttons that work fine. My client wants a scrollable window that has thumbnails of each slide that they can click on and go to that slide. I've got the Thumbnails loaded into the Scroll Pane Component and everything shows up fine, but when I click on the thumbnails, they don't go to the specified frame. Other aspects of the buttons work, such as stopAllSounds, so it appears that the gotoAndPlay function isn't pointed to the main timeline correctly. I've tried putting the AS in a frame on the main timeline, but I don't know how to get it "See" the buttons that are encased in the Scroll Pane, and I've tried putting the AS in a frame of the Thumbnail movieClip, but the gotoAndPlay is non-responsive. Here is a Sample of my script

      TOCSlide4_btn.onRelease = function(){