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    I have an HP laptop preloaded with Adobe Premiere Elements 10. For whatever reason Elements will "run" on click, but not even open the load screen or anything and then act like I never tried to open it? whats going on?


      I bought my HP laptop in 2012, and it came preloaded with Adobe Premiere and Photoshop Elements 10


      It worked fine and I even made a few video edits back in 2012 but for the last year Elements just REFUSES to work properly


      I used to be able to open elements to at least the "what do you want to do?" screen


      But now It won't even open this...I have no idea why...


      If I double click the Elements application my computer slows down, bracing itself to load, and then ....thats it....it reverts to its normal speed and elements just doesn't open...


      Any help would be great cause I feel like I've exhuasted all self-troubelshooting options and need to either get help from the forums or take the laptop in before I smash it in rage