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    IDE problems with default application

      Platform: 2.0 ghz Intel MacBook, 2GB Ram, OSX.4.9
      Flex Version: 2.0.1 (IDE or Eclipse Plugin)

      I've had this weird issue in both Eclipse environment and native Flex IDE:

      When I make a new ActionScript project, if I change the source path (to for example 'src/as3'), firstly it breaks the default application. Then, if I define a new default application in the project properties dialog, and/or clean the project, all the contents of my output folder ('bin') are deleted and don't rebuild, even when I try several things:

      -- delete and re-set the default application in the project properties several times. In some cases, I will select a new AS file as the default application and the file will 'disappear' from the dialog menu, but not show up in the list of available files (so I cannot use the dialog menu to set it to 'default' -- its just GONE

      -- manually correct or mess with the default application defs in .actionScriptProperties - setting <application path='...'/> to the exact path (from the root class path, relative to the project path, however) of the intended file and setting the <actionScriptProperties mainApplicationPath='...'> to match...

      -- clean the project several times. Close/reopen the project several times. Close/reopen the IDE several times. Reboot the system. etc.

      -- add other applications, not as default, to the applications list. In this case, oddly enough, the html-generator will generate html files for these (non-default) applications in my output ('bin') folder, but still will not generate an html file for my intended default application!

      -- when I compile/debug I get an error - the html file(s) needed don't exist in the output directory ('bin').

      I'm at wit's end with this. I've randomly gotten it to work off and on by migrating all my project files to a new project and not touching the default project defs. But the minute I change the default class path things start to get really screwed up.

      I seem to have the same problem with either Eclipse OR the Flex IDE itself. I prefer Eclipse...

      Any insight?
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          Nick Kuh
          I am having the same problem on MacBook Pro intel. Any suggestions?
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            I'm on an Intel P4 and having the same issue, so it's not a Mac/Windows thing. It seems like sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It will work for a while, then the SWF that is compiled from changes I make to the Application will just stop being updated. Also new HTML files aren't generated for new mxml applications when I create them and attempt to run them.
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              Same problem here with Pentium D. It would be great if somebody from adobe can clarify this : this can be very troublesome on big projects and I don't want to do some tricky operations to overcome this.
              Well maybe using manually mxmlc would just be better but it's a bit embarrassing if you can't be confident with the compilation feature of Flex Builder...
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                FreeFallSF Level 1
                Well I found a fix, kinda. Last night I completely uninstalled and reinstalled my FlexBuilder. I reinstalled from the CD, installed the ColdFusion extensions fromt he CD and did NOT do any updates. It is working fine. I haven't been brave enough to install the latest upgrades because I need to get this project done, but I plan on trying that next. I could just be some corruption that reinstalling fixes, or it could be an issue with the latest update. All I know is there are a lot of reports ont he web of this same thing happening. Something is amiss.
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                  FreeFallSF Level 1
                  Just an update, the problem recurred today after reinstalling. It worked fine yesterday and this morning, but just stopped working on me now. No errors, nothing int he log. I'm at a total loss.