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    Book Module Error "Could not contact the Blurb Web Service"???

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      I have successfully used Lightroom in the past to upload a book with no problems. I'm currently running the most updated version of Lightroom v 5.6. I've just finished a new book and am getting the error message "Could not contact the Blurb Web Service. Check your internet connection." My internet connection is fine, my firewalls and anti-virus are turned off, I've restarted both Lightroom and my computer. Same problem.


      My research has shown this is a very common problem, but all the forums I've found do not have answers on how to solve the problem. All the posts I've found about this problem are either unanswered or suggest things like turning off and turning back on "unchecking apply background globally" and other tips related to the background and text, or change the cover style back and forth, etc. None of these has worked for me.


      I am ordering this book as a wedding album for a client and it is URGENT that I get the order uploaded within the next few days or I'm going to have to refund the clients' payment and lose the job, which would be extremely professionally embarrassing. I'm VERY frustrated and have very eager customers waiting. PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!


      Janine Fugere
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          I solved the Lightroom Book Module problem of "Could not contact Blurb Web Service. Please check your internet connection."


          With the help of Adobe Lightroom's telephone tech support, a very patient man named Himanshu helped me discover what was causing this issue, after researching the issue and calling me back. Nice touch Adobe! It was pleasant to be able to do other things while Himashu researched and consulted with other techs to find my solution.


          As very many other people have reported in user forums, the problem was not that I didn't have an Internet connection.


          The problem was caused by my PC's Windows 8 User Account Settings, which somehow had Internet Settings that conflict with the upload to Blurb from Lightroom. The Adobe Lightroom tech support person helped me create a new user account, and I am able to successfully upload to Blurb from Lightroom under the new account. We created a quick test book to try and it worked just fine under the new user account.


          Not sure how this solution would translate for a MAC user (I've read of people with Mac computers getting the same upload error) but I advise checking your User Account's Internet Settings, whatever type of computer you are using.


          The only minor glitch I still have is that my new Windows user account can't access any of my photo files (or any other files) from my old user account, even when I gave the new user account administrator access. I have a very large internal hard drive, so my photos & catalog are stored internally. The Lightroom tech support advised me to contact Lenovo (my computer manufacturer) for help to transfer all my files from my original user account to the new one I just created. I will do that very soon.


          Meanwhile, my temporary workaround was to export my Lightroom Catalog and the photos I needed for this book onto an external hard drive, so I could access them from the new user account. My wedding clients' book has been successfully uploaded to Blurb!


          I'm sharing so others with this problem uploading from Lightroom to Blurb may also find this solution works for them, too.

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            Congrats on getting this fixed.  I've been trying to solve it all day long. 


            Do you know what settings were blocking Lightroom from Blurb?  Blurb doesn't seem to know about this potential solution. 


            Unfortunately, with out specific details, your post doesn't really offer a solution except to call Adobe and ask for Himanshu. 


            Thanks in advance for any further information you might have. 

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              So, after some experimentation, I also have a work around to the problem.


              Some info...

              Windows 7

              LR 5.7


              Steps to create the work around:

              1. shutdown LR ( to make sure the LR catalog isn't being used)
              2. make your catalog available to another user (i.e. move to a shared location or export your catalog.  Make sure its not under C:\Users\johndoe\Pictures as that will be locked when we do step 3).
              3. Create a new administrator account (i.e. johndoe2)
              4. switch users to the new account
              5. go to Control panel > Internet Options > Security Tab
              6. change the security level to "medium"
              7. uncheck the "Enable Protected Mode" (click OK for the security exception)
              8. click OK
              9. now startup LR
              10. find your catalog
              11. attempt to Send the book to Blurb


              Annoyingly, these settings on my main account did not let me logon to Blurb from LR.  So, I guess I need to switch users from now on.  argh.

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                I am sorry that since my posting that solution, I still have not had a chance to work with my computer's tech support people (Lenovo). I still need their support to determine what specifically was wrong with the internet settings on my original Windows 8 User Account. So for now, I am still using my less than optimal solution of doing my Blurb books under the second user account which somehow does not have the conflict. The bummer of that is needing to transfer any photos & my Lightroom catalog to an external hard drive because Windows won't give the new user account access to all my files. You've reminded me this is a "follow up" task I need to handle over my next vacation (two weeks off in December). Sorry can't be of more help now.

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                  I had the same problem.  I (finally) found that if I went into the Internet Options \ Advanced tab  and chose the Reset box (at the bottom of the window) and reset everything..... it fixed the problem.  Happily it also fixed a few other issues I was struggling with in IE.