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    Multi-level list error


      I created paragraph styles so that I could create multi-level lists throughout a document.

      I had it set up as follows:

      Level 1     1.0

      Level 2     1.1

      Level 3     1.1.1

      As I moved through the sections, I set it up so that the numbers increased, like 2.0, 2.1, 2.1.2. Everything was working fine until I got to section 11.8  and all of a sudden the numbers started back at 1.0. I did not do anything different than I had done with the previous levels. I'm not sure what went wrong. I compared a correct format on the number list window with the incorrect format and they are identical.  Any idea on what I can do to correct this error or why it happened?


      I have tried recreating the paragraph style so that it is correct but the sequence starts back at 1.0 instead of 11.8 where it should.

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          Cari Jansen Adobe Community Professional

          hi arbutusnw


          Always difficult to answer a question without seeing the actual set-up used for Bullets and Numbering. However,my initial thought would be that the numbered list style you are using restarts at the start of a new Story. Stories in InDesign are a series of threaded text frames. When you create a new series of threaded text frames you could see your numbering start with 1 again.


          To resolve this issue you'd define a numbered lists that is set-up so that it continues numbering across stories, and you'd associate this list with the numbered paragraph styles in your document.


          Step 1 - First define a new list:

          1. Choose Type menu > Bullets & Numbered Lists > Define Lists.
          2. Click the New... button.
          3. Name the list e.g. 'myNumbers', and select 'Continue Numbers across Stories'.
          4. Click OK, and OK again to close the Define List dialog box.


          Step 2 - Next associate your list paragraph styles with the newly defined list.

          1. Locate the paragraph style(s) in the Paragraph Styles panel.
          2. Select each style, and choose Style Options from the panel menu. The Paragraph Style Options dialog box for the select style opens.
          3. Select Bullets and Numbering on the left. Change the List setting from [Default] (or whichever is selected there), to the List you've created in step 1.
          4. Repeat steps 1-3 for each paragraph style.


          Hope this helps.




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            ArbutusNW Level 1

            Thank you so much! This worked. I didn't even think about the threaded text being the issue.