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    chm help not being created


      I'm running into a new problem w/ RH 5.0.1. When i try to create my html help, no longer will the compiled process finish. it quicks soon after it starts, and says the help has been created, but nothing is created, and no compiling occurs on screen. The only changes i've made since last doing this is adding several new images into the doc. These are simply pasted in. Is it possible doc sizes are too big to compile? If so, is there a suggestion on how to correct? should i make more docs, but of smaller number of topics? Or is there a better way to place images in the help file so size is not an issue, like true code? if so, how would i convert all existing embedded (pasted) images to true code without needing to start over. I wasn't able to find the 'convert document' choice as explained in the RH help file.

      Thanks for any help that can be provided.