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    Printing issues - incomplete file printing from InDesign

    George MA



      I am using InDesign CS6 on a MAC with OS X 10.8.2 and have been having issues where InDesign files are not printing in whole, usually the files are between 10-15 pages and the first 3-4 pages print and the remainder of the pages do not. If I choose to print the remainder of the pages in chunks then this works.


      I suspected the issue was due to the sizes of the files (around 25 MB) being too big for the printer to process and converted them into a PDF (around 4 MB) and that allowed the file to be printed in one go. The printer I am printing to is a Xerox FX ApeosPort-III C5500. I then tried printing to a Ricoh MP C4503 and the same issue was happening which lead me to believe it may not be the printers at fault but possibly something in the file itself.


      I checked the job status of the job on the Xerox and it came up with a warning ' PostScript LANG Interpret ERR: undefinedresult' Doing some research on this error suggested there may be a Control-D character in the file which is signalling the end of file.


      Is there any way of checking the InDesign file to see if there is a Control-D character or is that character only passed by the driver to the printer when it interprets the print job?


      Appreciate any assistance with this


      Thank You