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    WSDL2JAVA tool Use

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      I am trying to set up a web service that submits a complex data type. I have tried unsuccessfully to build nested structures/arrays to submit the complex data types for the web service and now want to use the WSDL2Java tool... I am running coldFusion MX. What are the steps in using WSDL2Java? Thanks for the help.
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          the wsdl to java will generate stub java classes which you could use to populate complex types IF you were using java. i don't think instantiating those types using CreateObject(java) and invoking a service using cfinvoke or CreateObject(webservice) will work as CF requires structs to pass as complex types. this seems like a poor design decision to me.

          if you're using dreamweaver, it has a decent struct generator for web service types, but it's usefulness is limited with nested structures.

          if anyone knows any differently, please respond, as i am having the very same issue.