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    ZOMG PLEASE HELP! - ColorMatrixFilter - How to set a SPECIFIC HLS to a greyscale png

      I am able to use the color matrix filter to change the pngs that I am loading dynamicly. Thing is, I can't seem to figure out how to apply a SPECIFIC hue, saturation and luminance.

      Basically I can successfully modify my grey scale png to all sorts of colors already. I need to be able to colorize them with, for example I would in photoshop put in H:212 S:36 L:-48 and it would turn out a great blue... how do I turn those numbers in to the proper color matrix to be applied?

      I have done a good bit of research on hls/rgb and also tried using this adobe sample app to put in numbers similar to above, expecting to get a matrix that would apply those transformations. Using the resultant matrix, the image stays at a very low saturation even when using positive luminance values. I could guess at it, but I have a bunch of PMS colors I am going to have to match... SO at least being able to convert HLS or RGB into an applicable color matrix with predictable results is needed.

      Here is a sample of what I am trying to do, but just using CSS and JavaScript.
      http://www.customtiedye.com/colors.htm - Since it is using pngs you can't use internet explorer to view it properly. But even if you have only ie, you can see that changing the selection in the lower drop down box shows you a different color of the shirt. All of these images were colorized in photoshop from the same source image I am using in the flash application. I need to translate the HLS numbers I used in photoshop into colormatrices to apply to the same image.

      Here is what I have so far for the flash application.
      http://www.customtiedye.com/dyeshop.html - If you don't see the flash app, try in IE, I have not bothered tweakin anything as far as html because I am stuck at this issue.
      The buttons are not marked right, start at the top and go down, you'll see what I mean. I can apply the color matrixes and the effect is working, but HOW DO I GET THE SPECIFIC MATRICIES FOR SPECIFIC COLORS?

      Please help :o) Thank you in advance.