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    strange problem - the same text with the same settings (size, color, etc.) looks different on two pages of one document.




      I have a strange problem which I can't resolve from quite a long time. I'm working with InDesign CC, the latest version.

      I'm working on a document with over 100pages and each page has title on the top. The style of the title is same on all pages - font, size, color, everything is the same, but on some pages it looks more like 'Light' version of the font rather the 'Regular' one.

      Even if I copy the 'Regular' one from one page and paste it to the problematic page it changes to the 'Light' version. I'm attaching a screenshot, where you can see the difference between the same text on two pages (I have copied it from the first one and pasted to the second one).




      Any ideas?