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    IF function?

    Jaxsee Level 1

      Need some more help please.


      I have a hidden field that will be automatically populated once the pdf has been merged through SFDC's Conga merge facility. There are 6 possibilities each saying something like Existing client (ABCD), Existing - Renewal (GHIJ) etc.


      These are too long, so in a seperate field, I only want the 4 digit code ABCD or GHIJ to show. It's not possible to do this direct from Salesforce so can I use a script to do this for me?


      I'm guessing I want something like: if field A says Existing client (ABCD), put ABCD here, if it shows Existing - Renewal (GHIJ), put GHIJ etc


      I have no idea about writing script from scratch, so does anyone have something I could alter to suit please?


      Thank you