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    Smart Collection Problem - LR 5.6


      I have a smart collection for files where metadata has been changed. This helps me ensure that the changes can be saved to files on disk.


      Recently I have noticed that this collection has started showing large numbers of files (800+), where the data needs to be saved to disk. If I select all of these files and then save to disk, they all disappear one by one, then when the collection is empty they all start reappearing again, until they are all back again.


      I have tried optimizing my catalogue, closing and reopening, rebooting etc. The criteria for the collection is where "Metadata status has been changed". The collection works OK for new files imported, it is just that has started including a large number of false positives, which I can't get rid of.


      Lightroom 5.6 on Windows 7 x64. Catalogue has 32,304 entries.


      Any suggestions anybody?