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    Adobe After Effects CC 2014 don't work with brand new Dell m6800 with AMD FirePro m6100 video card




      I got brand new Dell Precision m6800 with AMD FirePro m6100 FireGL V. Premiere and Photoshop works more or less fine, but there is a problem with AFx - software kills videocard (screen goes black for several seconds and then appears this notification - IC454010.gif gif by stumped2 | Photobucket ). After that - AFx hangs on. All the drivers are up to date (tried different AMD drivers - same situation), Windows 7 Pro - up to date, AFx - up to date.


      Got small chat with Dell support team and they said - everything must work fine.


      So - where is the problem? I spent almost 2.5k euros for this Dell mobile workstation, but right now I`m stuck with this problem. PS - funny fact - my Dell M6800 is on Adobe's hardware performance white paper, but seems that this means nothing