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    Cloud settings synchronization - I am confused about how it works

    wlashack Level 1

      Hi, I have re-installed my computer (Windows7 64bit). As a Cloud member I have expected that all my Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Acrobat settings, preferences, keyboard shortcuts, printing profiles, workspaces etc (previously synchronized many times with Cloud) will be automatically restored from there after installing these cloud apps again.

      But it did not happen. For the first time absolutely NO preferences were imported from cloud.

      After pushing "Synchronize" button several times some of these were imported, but really "SOME OF THEM", not ALL OF THEM.

      Is this normal in Adobe Cloud? I expected that with cloud I never more have to pass the painful journey of manually setting-up these dozens of settings in each app to work the way I am used

      to. Am I doing something wrong?


      Thanks for answer/hint.