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    target collection

    mik brooon

      I am new to lightroom 5.5.  I have created a number of smart collection.  As I wanted to control the photo order order ( I know I cant do this in a smart collection) I thought I would create a target collection from selected (B key) based on a smart collection . I did not work.  ( may be it is not possible)


      I then simply created a new target collect, avoiding smart collections, and secting photos from other collections.  Again it did not work.  What is curious is that earlier I had managed to inser one photo into the quick collection, which I then deleted.  Except that it reappears after repeated deletions. 


      Is this my stupidity or has my lightroom prog got corrupted?



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          RikkFlohr Adobe Community Professional

          Target Collection only works with Static Collection.


          Smart Collection membership requires a photo meet a series of conditions met in the SC setup.  You can't add a photo which doesn't meet all of those conditions into a Smart Collection.


          Static Collections can be Target Collection as they are built by picking photos at the whim of the picker.


          My guess is that the accidental success was due to coincidence of the image meeting the criteria already.