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    Lightroom 5.6 Spontaneously Reboots


      Lightroom 5.6 is installed on a new computer running Windows 8.1.  All other software appears to be running fine.  Imported my existing catalog into a freshly installed Lightroom 5.6.  Tried generating 1 to 1 previews on a group of images and the computer spontaneously rebooted.  After the reboot I tried to start Lightroom again, received a message saying; “error in previews and Lightroom needs to close”.  Kept receiving this same message each time when starting Lightroom again and was unable to open Lightroom.  Uninstalled Lightroom and ran CCleaner to clear registry entries, rebooted computer and then reinstalled Lightroom.  Thinking that there may be some sort of error in the existing catalog I decided to start a new catalog and reimport all images.


      After importing all images into the reinstalled Lightroom tried creating 1 to 1 previews and experienced the same spontaneous reboot of the computer.  Thinking that there might have been some kind of error in the downloaded software, I downloaded a new copy of Lightroom 5.6 and reinstalled the software.  Again Lightroom spontaneously rebooted the computer when attempting to create 1 to 1 previews.  Uninstalled and reinstalled Lightroom in the manner previously described above.  After reimporting all images I decided NOT to create previews this time.  But as I was selecting images in Library, Lightroom spontaneously rebooted again; however this time I was able to restart Lightroom without receiving an error message. Unfortunately as I tried to select a new image in Library the computer once again spontaneously rebooted.


      At this point I have uninstalled and reinstalled Lightroom 5.6 six times.  Each time I have carefully searched the computer to make sure that all vestiges of the previous installation have been deleted by using CCleaner and searching the registry to make sure that there was nothing left of the prior Lightroom installation.  I also deleted the catalog and all presets.  So at this point I am at a loss as to what my next step should be.  Any suggestions?  Thank you.