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    Margins and Gutter


      Inside Margins & Gutter - Hi, I'm new to Id and I always understood gutter to be between the pages of the book, but looking on here it seems like in Id, it's actually the distance between columns. Q1--is that accurate?  If so, then Q2- I have a problem. I setup a 42 chapter book as 42 different documents, and each document consists of two masters--one single "chapter title" page (master A), with the chapter title and some text, then a second master spread of your regular two facing pages (master B). I can adjust the “inside” margin on the master spread, but NOT on the master title page because it only has a “right” or a “left” margin, and whether the page is going to be on the right or the left depends on how many pages are on the chapter before it. Is there any way to change this, or am I going to have to manually change every inside title page manually?  Thanks for your help!