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    Masked pre comp of clip not showing clip motion within the mask please help


      Hi there,


      I'm trying to create a phenakistoscope Phenakistoscope - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia out of a motion picture of a dancer.


      I've transformed the clip of the dancer and precomposed it and then masked and animated the rotation of the pre comp in a new composition.  I then duplicated the now animated pre comp 20 times offsetting each one, a frame later than the last to create the wheel effect with trailing frames.


      The animation of the mask and offset is working fine, however the footage in the clip is not playing in the masked composition.

      please help, here is the project file. Dropbox - caropheankistope.aep


      RAW FOOTAGE SAMPLE Dropbox - carolina base_raw sample.mov

      NON WORKING COMP SAMPLE OUTPUT Dropbox - carolina base_sample.mov