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    How do I apply a specific character style to specific text?

    Mathias17 Level 3

      Long-time Photoshop and Illustrator user. New to Indesign.



      Fortunately, this isn't an issue of how to go about creating fractions. I've already chosen a route for that. I'm simply applying a Character Style that checks the opentype "fractions" box.


      Here's an example of the content I'm dealing with:



      Above is my styled table in Indesign, after pasting in data I'm being given data in excel spreadsheets.


      How might I quickly apply my "ptable_BODY FRACTIONS" style to only certain text, like: "1/2"  +  "1/4"  +  "1/8"  & preferably random arbitrary fractions like "34/69"?


      GREP can do some great things, but can it selectively apply character styles?


      This might be a job for a paragraph style. I'm not sure.  . .