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    Unable to read my local library book in my Kobo Aura H2O


      I have downloaded adobe digital editions 4.0 and have authorized my device and my computer with my adobe id.  When I download a book from my local library into adobe digital editions (ADE), I can read the book within ADE, but when I grab the book title and move it over to my Ereader icon (Kobo Aura H2O) it looks like it has been downloaded into the Ereader, but when the reader is disconnected and checked, the downloaded book does not open, and it gives the following  quote, "oops! This document couldn't be opened...This document is protected by Adobe Digital Rights Management(DRM) and is not currently authorised for use with your Adobe ID.  Please sign-in with the authorized Adobe ID and try again". Both the computer and the reader have been authorized with my Adobe ID. 


      Can anyone help?


      I have looked at various forums and this appears to be a common problem, but I have not seen a solution yet.