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    Adobe flash player won re-install


      A few days ago i started experiencing problems with video players and adobe flash . For some reason in the middle of a video the screen turned green and started making static noise.

      I also couldnt use some websites and their features because they said i needed an upgraded version of adobe flash player.When i went to download the latest version it said "chrome already has a built in adobe flash player and will update it".  I went to the control panel and uninstalled adobe flash, when i went to re-install it, first the installation went to 60% and then said lost  "connection.retrying connection"When i tried installing it a few more times it went to 100% successfully, but then an error occured and said "the side by side configuration of this application is  incorrect...."

      the weird thing is i dont have flash installed, but yet i am still experiencing the same problems as the ones i had when i had an old version of flash (nothing is worse, it stayed the same)


      Please help me.


      Problems i am experiancing:


      1. All the video players, except Youtube either wont start or regularly turn green and start making static noise.

      2.Sites like photo editing sites say i have an old version of flash player

      3.Sometimes pictures  glitch out and apear deformed and pixelated