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    Hyphenation issues when copying from word document

    dave c courtemanche Level 2

      OS X Mavericks / Indesign CC2014

      I'm having an issue copying & pasting text from Microsoft Word into an Indesign document. Mainly happens with copy in foreign language (in my case Spanish & Polish). If I copy a block of text with a hyphen in it, the hyphen comes over as a character (like a manually inserted hyphen) and stays with the copy, even in the middle of a paragraph. If I select all of the copy in Word, then turn off hyphenation, I don't have the issue as all of the automatic hyphenation is removed. But sometimes I forget...


      Any thoughts on why this occurs - don't really notice it happening with English copy.

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          Joel Cherney Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What happens when you place the same block of text instead of copying & pasting? Sometimes I have to do some pretty extensive file massage (conversion to other formats, opening those other formats in OpenOffice, etc.) to get multilingual stuff to work at all.


          Word's handling of hyphenation is odd, and I don't trust the clipboard. If you're using Word files supplied by third parties (which seems likely) you could have files from a variety of platforms and versions in play. Maybe somebody inserted Optional Hyphens in these languages?


          There's a preference for "Clipboard Handling" that will let you choose whether you're pasting raw text or rich text

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            dave c courtemanche Level 2

            Placing the doc doesn't do the same thing - text comes through fine. It's something between the word / clipboard / indesign. The hyphens aren't manually inserted on the word doc, they just copy/paste as though they were. If I remember to turn off hyphenation in word, it's all fine. Just forget sometimes.