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    Problem with ProRes4444 audio


      I imported a ProRes4444 movie into ae 13.1.1. The audio becomes glitchy, like a bad time-compression, regardless if played as a footage item or as a layer in a comp. If i view the waveform in the comp, it appears to be half as long as it should be. It plays fine in finder quickview and qtplayer7. If I export the audio from qtplayer7 as an aif, then import that into ae, no problems. Also, this bug does not occur at all in ae (CS6). I'm on an "old" macpro running os x 10.9.5 and I have the ProAppsCodecs update 1.0.5 installed. I couldn't find any other references to this behavior specifically, so I'm wondering if this is a true bug or an isolated anomaly? Thanks.