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    forced to use photoshop extended


      trying to launch an image from photomechanic in my normal way this morning via keyboard command...


      instead of my normal CS6 opening, a screen popped up advertising CS extended. it wouldn't let me just close the window and continue. i had to either click buy or trial.


      now, if i wanted CS extended i would have bought that. or Creative Cloud or any other thing connected to photoshop.


      so i have photoshop extended on the computer. i don't want it. i just want my regular CS6 back.


      please advise how to get rid of it.


      *new macbook pro, maverick 10.9.4.

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          gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Click on buy and you should be asked for a serial number. Enter your number and it will convert to Photoshop Standard.

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            redshoesgirl Level 1

            actually i misspoke, it says license or trial. but your tip worked. so what is it for?

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              gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              When you first install Photoshop, unless you input a serial number or sign in to a Creative Cloud subscription, it will default to a 30 day Photoshop Extended trial with an ad to join Creative Cloud.


              A couple of weeks ago I opened my licensed copy of  Illustrator CS6 on my computer after having not used it in a while. I know creative cloud verifies the subscription every 30-99 days by making you sign in, so even for licensed users I suppose there is a check like that as well.


              If forgot whether the term was "License" or "Buy", but I do know you will be asked to sign in and supply your serial number.


              As a final caution, be sure your Photoshop serial number is registered with Adobe. You can then access it from your account anywhere. I don't know what to tell someone who didn't and the package or receipt is buried in a storage locker, or got thrown out and they have a project for a client waiting.