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    Problem getting Dataservices running on OC4J

      I'm having problems getting the Data services working correctly on an Oracle OC4J

      I followed the guidelines as described here: http://www.adobe.com/support/documentation/en/flex/2/install.html#oc4j

      and some of the samples seem to work, the Collaborative Dashboard runs without any problems

      But when I try to run the notes sample I get this error in the console, each time I try to send something:

      07/03/20 10:40:43 [Flex] [ERROR] Exception when invoking service: data-service
      with message: Flex Message (flex.data.messages.DataMessage)
      operation = transacted
      id = null
      clientId = 8F4FEAF9-DF0B-9471-5406-D540F7A77B56
      correlationId =
      destination = notes
      messageId = 2BC190CA-5B47-7BEA-7D27-6EB8494ACE96
      timestamp = 1174383642959
      timeToLive = 0
      body =
      Flex Message (flex.data.messages.DataMessage)
      operation = update
      id = ASObject(2709047){noteId=1}
      clientId = 162E9C1C-6BBC-A27C-F756-6EB78592B81D
      correlationId = 2BC190CA-5B47-7BEA-7D27-6EB8494ACE96
      destination = notes
      messageId = ADA188B3-8FB8-0B5A-9A44-6EB844693D12
      timestamp = 0
      timeToLive = 0
      body =

      {noteId=1, noteText=Type your notes here and share them with other clients!},
      {noteId=1, noteText=df}
      hdr(DSEndpoint) = my-rtmp
      exception: flex.data.DataServiceException: Unable to access UserTransaction in DataService.

      Can anyone help me with this? I tried contacting Oracle, but they bounced the ball back to Adobe...