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    help in code optimization?

    adamlewen Level 1
      Hi there.
      Almost embarrassing question, but it will help me with make my code MUCH more efficient.
      I am a newbie, but writing a pretty complex piece in which the code repeats itself many times with a minor change.
      Basically at this part I am telling many different Movie Clips to pop up in different X and Y's.
      I know my code (see example attached) is the long way to do it.
      The 2 paragraphs below are repeating 12(!) more times in my code and they are exactly the same (but the X and Y's)
      I am hoping to find a way to concise the 14 blocks of code (2 here on the example) to one block with +1, and for the different X and Y's add an if statement for each different situation.
      but i am heaving trouble executing it.

      Any thought?
      Will appreciate any help!