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    What software to use in addition to PE 12?



      I use PE 12 & Windows 8.1. I would like to have some features which are not included in PE 12.



      I edit .m2ts files, 1920*1080, 50i and 25p, 24 Mbps. It would be nice with a program which can join such files. This is my smallest problem because I found multiple such programs mentioned by other people, but I don't know which one is best to choose.


      By the way, my camcorder creates files with clip info when the files become too long. Is there any possibility for me to use this clip info in PE 12 to join .m2ts files? I have the impression this is impossible but found it best to ask.


      For sound cleaning I plan to download Audacity and the free edtion of Acoustica. But are there more useful freeware?


      For color grading, I am considering BlackMagic DaVinci Resolve Lite. But perhaps there is something which is more relevant.




      Is there any useful freeware for video denoising and similar problems? The only freeware I have found is videocleaner.com, but I have the impression that this one is forensic instead of beautifying. Yes, I know there is payware. Among payware I have the impression that Neatvideo is most popular.


      What should I choose for slow motion? I realize that such software will also make it possible for me to do stop motion animation. This one is the only freeware I found.



      Anything else it would be relevant for me to have?