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    Want to create private blogs / diaries for clients

    Karen_Little Level 1

      Hi all - I am looking for the fastest, most effective way to create private blog (diary) areas for my site's readers.


      In the distant past, I handcrafted an extensive diary and note system, but today, there are two problems. The first is that compared to what is offered today, it looks like an antique, and two, I want to minimize stress for the people who run CF and SQL servers and make sure I create the most secure system possible.


      I want people to create an account that includes a private "note/blog" area. Their entries can be seen sequentially by, at least, date. It would be nice to search the entries by key words, however, I'm OK with keeping things simple.


      I wouldn't mind using something like a very stripped down CMS like, for example, WordPress. The issue is that I anticipate making thousands of diaries. So I'm more concerned with the CMS than WordPress itself and all of its themes.


      I am aware of FCKeditor and fooled around a bit with it 10 years ago. Possibly that is all I need to concentrate on. If you recommend that, do you know of a CF group/people who are expert in it? I have the skill to craft my own and currently, no budget for outside programmers (wish this was not true), but would consider buying a module including an enrollment system already done except for final hookups.


      Last, I'm aware of forum creation services. I use WebsiteToolbox for one of my sites, for example. Does anyone know of any service that could create multiple "personal" topic streams?


      Hopefully, Karen