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    Bundling with McAfee


      I have been so upset with Adobe, which has a near monopoly on the flash player software which we all need to use our browsers, for these reasons:

      1. Where pretty much every other provider of software that I have installed on my devices has an update procedure which ispretty painless (microsoft products update in background, as do most other companies), Adobe first assaults us with an annoying banner that pops up every month or so no matter what you are doing.  Then you must visit the website, download and install.  This wasted time is intrusive and unnecessary.  See second point.

      2. Why does Adobe force us to their website?  So they can maliciously bundle McAfee software with the download of the update.  The default setting when one goes to the software update page has the box checked requesting installation of McAfee!  If you are working quickly (as those who, like me, are wishing the torture to end) you will not notice the automatic bundling of McAfee, and you may click the download button. You'll sure notice later though, when you find yourself blessed with McAfee installed on your system, extending it's tentacles to every last corner of the OS, and it's not easy to uninstall!  Unbelievably, sometimes you need to install special software to uninstall every last sign of McAfee on your system.

      I'm planning on trying some of the alternatives to Adobe now; Adobe's abuse has gone on too long.  I signed up on this forum only to post this one message, because Adobe provides NO WAY of communicating with the company on their website without having to create an account (no simple email address for feedback!),  So here I am.  F off Adobe.

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          Thanks for your feedback.


          You might consider Google Chrome, which bundles Flash Player as a component in the browser, which eliminates the need for a separate download.  Alternatively, Internet Explorer on Windows 8 and higher also includes Flash Player as a built-in component.