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    Help me style buttons & forms in InDesign

    danielle.forrest Level 1

      Hi there, I am using Buttons & Forms in the Interactive for PDF workspace for the first time, and am having trouble with a few things:

      -  I can't seem to change the style of the text in a text field. It reverts to 12pt black Times in the PDF, even when I've selected another colour, fonts & size in InDesign. I can then change it in Acrobat, but that's annoying.

      -  I am also having trouble with Check Boxes. I want it to be clear until they rollover, then for a customised tick to appear & stay when clicked. I've customised the tick OK, but the cross keeps appearing when the tick's not there.

      One more thing, can I use my Typekit range of fonts for forms, or am I best to use standard system fonts for viewing at the user end?

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          Doc Maik Level 4

          If you export a PDF from Indesign and the pages don't come out as they look in Indesign, you used the wrong export settings. That also impacts your custom fonts. They need to be included in the PDF, of course.

          Check boxes: you need to select the correct one and better test it first on a separate PDF. Different Acrobat versions and other PDF reader will result in different display formats of those check boxes.