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    Master Pages


      Hi everyone!



      Working on a real estate brochure for my agency. Do I have to have a master page for every page once I have a template? (I have master pages for a 1 per page, 2 per page, 4 per page, 8 and 12 per page spreads) so with these master pages, how to I put the content on every page for the brochure? I have had to copy my master page, put all my property content into it, and then apply that to a page.


      Sort of frustrated at this process....

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          Migintosh Level 4

          I'm not visualizing what you have, so maybe you can give us some screen shots? Just click the camera icon to upload images to the forum.ss.png

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            samtoohey93 Level 1

            Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 9.49.17 pm.png


            Okay so in this screen shot I have 5 pages for the booklet. Above it I have various master pages (with the letter and then a number 4 being total number of properties I can create within the document.


            Ive only been using CC for about 2 months, but for this specific project the original master page for the 4 page property master (I-4) I have had to clone, and then create my content on the pages (i.e A--4, B-4, D-4 etc), and then apply those respective pages to a single page within the document (Page one is D-4, and then so on).


            is there anyway I can just make one master page (I-4), and use that for say, 5 pages of 4 page property advertisements and the same for any other pages of various property attachments?

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              Migintosh Level 4

              It's hard to tell from just the thumbnails in the pages pallet, but it looks like you have constructed the whole page on the master, and applied the different masters to different document pages. There may be a reason to do it like this, but it's not the way most people work.


              The master page should contain items that will be common to each page it is applied to, and items that will be specific to a document page should be created on the document page. With that in mind, does that clear it up, or would you like to ask anything else?

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                samtoohey93 Level 1

                I tried to edit the pages themselves once I had linked the master pages, but I couldn't edit them. Is it a fault of the designer not clicking where I'm meant to click??

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                  Migintosh Level 4

                  Master items are intended to stay as they are on the document pages, so they are locked. You can click on a master item on a document page if you hold shift and option to release it, or go to the pages pallet and select Override All Master Page Items from the fly-out triangle. What would make more sense if you want to not have all that stuff on the master page is to go to the master, select the items you want to only be on the document pages and cut. Then, go to the document page and select Edit>Paste in Place. That will paste the items in the same location they were in on the master.


                  By the way, if you release master items on a document page, they could be introduced again as master items if you apply the master to the document page again. You may want this, but probably not, so it's best to not have something on the master if you want to edit it on the document page.