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    Photoshop CC (2014) freezes upon opening.


      When I click the shortcut to open PS, the welcome screen pops up, shows nothing within the welcome screen - just white, and that is it... freezes. If I don't have PS open and just double click on a PS file, it opens no problem at all. If I close the file, keeping PS open, the welcome pops up again and freezes the program. This only started happening since the last update, just started happening out of the blue. I don't have any plugins or anything. I think it's something to do with the welcome screen, which I never use anyway. Is there a way of disabling the welcome screen? Before the update the welcome screen didn't pop up because I had already clicked on "Don't show at start-up", but since the update, it's reverted back to default. And of course, I can't do that over again... because it doesn't even get to that point to be able to.