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    Export page ranges as multiple pdf-files from a single InDesign-document?


      Hello, I work at a school where I have a single InDesign-document (I'm using CS6) with fact sheets about our courses. I need to update those quite regular, and then export for web and printing. Each course is two pages, so now I have to manually export 12 times (12 different courses) and manually input page ranges for the different courses. So right now my workflow is like:


      1. Export to pdf

      2. Enter a name for the course

      3. Enter start and end page (sometimes you get lost, what pages was it now?)

      4. Save

      5. Repeat 12 times.


      I could have 12 different InDesign-documents, but I'm using a A-master for some common design/info. And I would still need to export it 12 times (but wouldn't have to set the page ranges). Can you create a script or a batch job to do all the work?


      I would like to be able to create some named page ranges, like this:

      Course 1: page 1-2

      Course 2: page 3-4

      Course 3: page 5-6

      and so on...


      Then just choose to export those "ranges" as multiple pdfs.


      Is it possible?