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    I don't want them to go through all my pages...interactive pdf


      I want to create an interactive pdf, that is only "controllable" by clicking certain buttons on the pdf. I mean i don't want the viewer to simply go through all my pages by clicking the arrow keys on the keyboard (etc...) To make things clear, i have a front page that's like a menu, from which the viewer has to decide every time what subject he wants to see. So the viewer clicks the right button and the correct page show up. next, they return to the front page by clicking the 'return to the front page' button. Now the user can select another topic he wants to view, and so on....I don't want the user to go through all my pages by simple clicking or pressing the arrow keys. I want them to interact with my pdf, the way i made it . Can something like this be done in Indesign? I've searched a lot but wasn't able to find the information a needed. I hope you guys understand my problem and that someone knows the solution.


      Thanks in advance!