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    Team Member and only Trials Versions - a solution

    FANmedia Level 1

      Hello Listees,


      I actually had the trouble - as many others - that I invited a member to the Creative Cloud Team and after he connects all CC-Stuff is only available in trials versions.

      So after a lot of reading and trying I have the following solution which is important for the most people sitting in an office:


      Try this URL in a webbrowser: https://lm.licenses.adobe.com/


      If you get: "Congratulations! You have successfully connected to Adobe License Management Server"  - everything is fine and it must work.

      If you get an error page or nothing - you have a problem. But which one?


      The cloud application trys to connect to the https-Port and in most of the companies the firewall is configured not to allow access via https. Thats the point a lot of trouble comes from.


      Hopefully this helps.