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    cropping a photo

    danielacm Level 1

      I hace download the trial Photoshop CC 2014. i drag a picture in to crop it following the interactions rom the tutorial video. The problem is that the "crop icon" does no appear in my photoshop program. What can i do? i try in the upper menu Image>crop (but the crop option is block) so can't us it.Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 10.33.56.png

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          Michael Salinero Employee Moderator

          Some tools in the toolbar are grouped with other tools. Normally the crop tool is showing, but I can see in your screenshot that it is not showing and the Slice Select tool is showing. Go to the 5th tool in the toolbar and hold and press with the mouse. A small menu will pop-up and you can select the Crop tool.